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Composite Wood Decking

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Wood fibre, also known as wood flour or thermoplastic, is usually used to make wood composite materials. The chemicals that are used in the making are practically invisible, but they are very effective and important in order to assimilate the polymer and the wood flour, helping the making conditions more efficient.

Balfour timber has been in this business for the past two decades and its main component is to maintain good quality of their goods by making sure that they use 100% quality composite wood in the process of making their composite wood decking services. The company has also vowed to provide the best quality service in order to satisfy their clients.

A vast range of colours, shapes and designs in the composite wood decking gives the company an extra edge as it provides service for not only the commercial purposes but is also ideal for the residential purpose.

Modwood Decking

Modwood decking has one of its benefits; one of them is that it is eco-friendly therefore it can be used for pool decking, patio decking or any outdoor entertainment area. It is also very easy to install and very user friendly for the clients and gives an extra bit of sophisticated look to where it is installed. The qualities as a long lasting, refined and explicit material just makes the decking even better.

The harsh climate of Melbourne is taken into consideration while making the decking boards. Good quality decks are a surety with us as all our products are manufactured having durability, resistance to the extreme weather of the country and can withstand the test of time.

The diversity and variety in our colours, shapes and designs always appeal to the owners and convinces them to buy our decks for their hotels, houses, casinos, clubs and marinas. The company has always provided an extended service to all its clients throughout the city of Melbourne.

The service that has been provided to all the clients since the business started 20 years ago has added a lot to the goodwill of the business and has increased the reputation of the business and it is now considered as one of the best decking companies around the city of Melbourne. They are very easy to install as they can be installed by using simple tools such as screws only. Moreover, the maintenance cost of these decks is also very low as they are good in quality and does not need to be oiled.

The decks provided by the company are very safe, eco-friendly and very long lasting. 100% quality wood is used in order to ensure good quality of the products that are provided to the clients of the business. The company uses the competitive pricing system to price their goods.

Balfour is certainly one of the best choices if anyone is planning to install deck in their gardens, patios or pool areas across Australia, especially in Melbourne. Contact us today and take the first step towards a better outdoor area. Our decking board’s installation will enhance the look of your patio, pool or any entertainment/recreational area making it look stunning.

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